Why use Maxxtag

Our services are available throughout Australia, and all of our operators are fully qualified to identify faults through the test and tag process, so you can rest assured that if there are any faults, we will find them!

Our work is also covered by Public and Product Liability Insurance and we will provide you with a comprehensive report of the work completed, along with reminders to ensure you continue to test and tag at appropriate intervals

Why Test & Tag

There is more electrical equipment in homes and offices than ever before, so there is more potential for faults turning into major electrical issues, including but not limited to electrical fires.

How many times have you heard that the fire was started by an electrical fault?

The Test & Tag process identifies these faults and allows for the replacement of faulty equipment, or discontinuing their use, before any of these issues can take place

Testing and Inspection

The aim of test and tagging is to determine if the appliance is electrically safe for personal use. The appliance undergoes a visual inspection for defects such as damage or missing components and a number of electrical tests to measure earth continuity, insulation resistance and polarity.

Commercial Test and Tag

Does your commercial premises need a Test and Tag service? Call in the professionals to get your equipment or machinery tested and be assured Maxxtag have all of your Test and Tag needs taken care of.

Industrial Test and Tagging

Whatever or wherever your premises, Maxxtag can Test and Tag your equipment and make sure your industrial premises complies with all safety requirements. Learn more about our Industrial Test and Tagging Service.

Domestic Test and Tag: You Can Never Be Too Safe

We provide residential/domestic Test and Tag Services also to help you get your home in the safest possible place. Before moving into your premises have us test machinery or equipment.  Have all of your electrical equipment tested at least once a year for peace of mind.


Quality Reliable Service at Affordable Prices

Why Choose Maxxtag?
Reputation is everything and our work is quality.
We provide a nationwide service allowing the same service across Australia. Great for national brands. Local inspection providers.
Qualified and Trained
Fully qualified, trained and equipped providers. Trust a real brand to provide you the right solutions at the right price.
Discounts for Bulk Services
We provide bulk discounts for large inspections or test and tagging. Call us with your needs for more information.

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