We provide a complete test and tag service for your commercial business, including but not limited to, computers, printers, phone systems, power cords & kitchen appliances.

Modern Office

With so much electrical equipment in the modern office, it is paramount that equipment is tested and tagged at the appropriate intervals to ensure Occupational Health & Safety standards are being met.

Risk Management

Test & Tag should be an integral part of your Risk Management Plan, not only so you can ensure your staff and equipment is safe, but also to avoid any inconvenience a faulty piece of electrical equipment can cause, such as expensive downtime

Statutory Compliance

Businesses can be fined if not compliant with statutory testing requirements which are set by the Australian Government and Standards Australia (AS/NZ 3760:2010), which outlines that items such as fridges, electrical leads, kettles and computers all need to be tested, otherwise it can be seen as a failure to comply with a health and safety or electrical safety duty.