Domestic Test & Tag

We provide a complete test and tag service for your home appliances, including in the kitchen, home office, your entertainment system, lamps, and anything you plug into an outlet.

Test & Tag at Home

Whilst commercial entities get their equipment tested to ensure compliance with statutory requirements, you can also set your mind at ease through implementing the test and tag procedure in your home.

Our professional inspectors will quote you for an appropriate package that suits you and your families needs. Do you have elderly parents or tenants? Inspect the equipment to provide your new tenant or homeowner with the peace of mind they need.

Test and Tag Brisbane
Test and Tag Gold Coast

Peace of Mind

Maxxtag can provide this service so you can relax knowing you have taken the necessary steps to keep your family, and possessions, safe from short circuits, electrical shocks and electrical faults.

If you have electrical equipment and devices in your home, shed, backyard or small business office, then have your equipment tested. Qualified and insured to carry out Test and Tag inspections.

Safety First

A good example of an item at home that should be checked regularly is your electric blanket. This item should be tested as the cooler months approach as normal wear and tear can result in electrical faults that cannot be seen with the naked eye. When these faults are not identified they can present a real safety risk, including but not limited to a fire.

Our Test and Tag specialists will come to your premises and provide all the inspection reports and tags needed to make your home safe and sound.  Available across Australia and local to you.

Your home is where you should feel safe. It is the place you go when all else fails. Make sure your loved ones and everyone who resides in your home are protected with regular test and tagging.

Test and Tag Safety